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Mrs. Jane Bruns

English 7/8, Bible Survey, Composition

Mrs. Bruns has a B.A. in English Literature from The Ohio State University. She has been happily married for thirty-two years and has five kids. She homeschooled for 18 years. She has worked as an editor, tutor, and artist, and is currently employed both as a teacher here at Veritas Academy and as a farm manager. She continues to grow in faith in Christ each year, attending Upper Arlington Lutheran, the church where she was baptized.

Mrs. Bruns’s English students will delve into story as an imaginative art form that brings wisdom and excitement, as well as connection with others through time and space. Her Bible course will illuminate how the smaller narratives in Scripture connect to the larger story of God’s redemptive work for his people and his creation through his Son’s life, death and resurrection. She expects that her composition students will find satisfaction and joy as they build proficiency in their written and oral communication skills.

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